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Pulsemaster BV

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Rootven 24
5531 MB Bladel

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Brief presentation of the institution

The Dutch company Pulsemaster bv was established in 2000 and combines years of unique experience with pulsed power technology. Pulsemaster is situated near the town of Eindhoven, which is the center for technology enabled innovation in The Netherlands. Pulsemaster is specialized in pulsed electric field (PEF) processing and aspires to apply this innovative technology to a broad spectrum of applications in the food & beverages industry and scientific sectors. Not only as a method for mild food preservation, but also as a means of improving process efficiency and product quality. Pulsemaster's electroporation technology has a focus on physical processes to maximize the effect of raw materials and to enhance food quality and safety. Our PEF technology meets industry needs for natural and clean processes.

Brandname Conditioner. Pulsmaster offers turnkey solutions and fully integrated pulsed electric field systems under the brand name Conditioner. In Seattle/Bellevue, Washington, Pulsemaster has an office for the North-American market at its disposal. The company aspires to further growth and rapidly develops export activities.

Main Electroporation related topics

Cell disintegration of solids for product & process improvement. PEF treatment of solids like potato tubers and sugar beets. To improve other drying, cutting, peeling and pressing processes. Examples are the drying of sweet peppers and grapes, the peeling and cutting of tomatoes and the pressing of vegetables and olives.

Microbial inactivation of liquids and semi viscous liquids for mild food preservation. PEF treatment of liquids like fresh fruit & vegetable juices.

Formation of secondary metabolites (bioactive components) in biological tissues such as vegetables and legumes. Stress response of plant cells and tissue.

Pulse generator and process design. Industrial scale electroporation in food & feed processes.

We welcome contact from commercial companies and science sector, interested in exploring specific applications of PEF technology for science based precision processing of healthy, structured and tasteful foods and beverages.

Main Electroporation related research techniques and equipment

The solid state pulse modulator in the pulse generator unit is based on transformer typology. A patented modular parallel switching technology enables better pulse control and high reliability. The operation principle of parallel switching is charging capacitors in parallel and discharging in parallel, isolated from the load. This requires a transformer; this split core transformer is a unique feature of our concept.

The typical average power range of our industrial pulsed electric field systems is up to 80 kW and the pulses are applied at repetition rates of up to a maximum of 1000 pulses per second to allow sufficient treatment of all volume elements. These turnkey solutions are fully integrated and modular systems for either cell disintegration of solids or microbial inactivation of liquids.

For science and research organizations Pulsemaster manufactures a range of systems, tailored to suit specific research needs. The design of these tailor-made pulsed electric field systems is compact and modular for easy integration and power upgrade.

Research topics, techniques and equipment not related to Electroporation

Equipment design; pulse generator design and treatment chamber design for industrial applications.

Mild pasteurization and or sterilization by a combined heat and PEF treatment.

Identification of emerging PEF applications.

Enhance structure modification of plant and animal tissue.

Brief information on available facilites

Facilities for engineering, prototyping and equipment manufacturing.

Laboratory for pulsed power electronics.

Willingness to accept/host visiting researchers


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