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Indulleida, S.A.

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Carretera Nacional 230, Km. 12
25125 Alguaire

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Brief presentation of the institution

Indulleida, S.A. is a company founded by fruit producers of the area of Lleida and Huesca in the year 1980. Specifically, 50 cooperatives, SATs and commercial Groups created the company to absorb and enhance the growing fruit production, specifically the surplus that could not be valued through the fresh market.

Currently, the shareholders of the company are more than 140 cooperatives and fruit and vegetable producer associations, from all the geographical areas of Spain and south of France, which groups more than 14,000 farmers. The company represents an important part of the fruit producers’ social mass of Spain, and addresses its activity with a professional vision searching higher value-added products to enhance primary production.

The company has a single factory at Alguaire, Lleida, with production plant, laboratories of quality control, research and development, offices and auxiliary services. In total, the company has available 21 hectares for its activity, which currently uses 40,000 m2.

Currently, Indulleida is among the 5 European companies with greater volume of transformed fruit, being one of the business leaders and reference in Spanish beverage and fruit transformation sector.

At present the company has production lines of purees, single strength juices, concentrated purees, compotes, juice concentrates both cleared as cloudy, natural flavours, fruit fibers, animal feed, bases for the drink industry and fruit preparations. Also taylor-made products are available, to fulfill its shareholders and costumers needs.

The raw materials which are processed by the industry are fruits and vegetables, being capable of processing any fruit of the Mediterranean area. Among the major fruit processed are: apple, pear, peach, apricot, orange, mandarin, lemon, strawberry, grape, plum, carrot, tomato and kiwi. It is also possible and has been processed, other types of fruit for taylor-made productions, such as purple lettuce, figues de barbarie, etc

The company has a clearly export vocation, its exportation figures are normally more than 60 percent of billing, ratio that in recent years has increased significantly. Indulleida succeeded be the first company in the sector to export to Japan, market of difficult entry, with taylor-made products that have been developed in collaboration with key clients of the country.

Indulleida maintains a close relationship of cooperation with the scientific world, which has traditionally support to the extent that it has been possible, both with the University of Lleida as with other research centers both public and private..

The company has a multidisciplinary technical team, among which are engineers, food technicians, chemists, chemical engineers, and industrial engineers, as well as various laboratory technicians, which give support to the R+D department, with the aim of enhancing and increase the contribution of these activities in the company.

Main Electroporation related topics

Our research is now focused on the extraction of polyphenols and other bioactives using novel and emerging technologies, among which we are using pulsed electric fields, ultrasounds, etc.

Also a second line of work is the use of novel technologies to minimize the risks of mycotoxins and other natural contaminants in our final products

Main Electroporation related research techniques and equipment

Existing laboratory, as described before.

Research topics, techniques and equipment not related to Electroporation

Main line of research is the valorization and use of byproducts in the industry, to obtain food products from them. </p> <p>Developments on novel natural fruit aromas are being done, including essential oils from citrus fruits.

Brief information on available facilites

Full equiped lab, which includes HPLC, GC/MS, ionic resins pilot plan, fruit transformatuion lab-scale level, etc. Microbiological lab includes a cell culture section and molecular biology equipments (RT-PCR)

Pilot plan to make up to 100 Kg of products developed at lab level. Another pilot equipment which can go as up as 2000 Kg.

Willingness to accept/host visiting researchers


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